Why Use A Wedding Planner?

Brides-to-be have often dreamed their whole life of a magical wedding day, imagining the bridal gown, the ideal groom and the celebratory air as family and friends gather to share the joy of the nuptials. Organizing the ceremony and the reception is a time consuming affair. It can drive the bride to Bridezilla status as the sheer magnitude of the details involved becomes overwhelming. Slotting all the pieces together within a time frame and budget can sour the pleasure as the planning itself takes over every free moment of life. One simple solution to take the stress out of the wedding and prevent the dreams reaching logistical nightmare status is to engage the services of a professional wedding planner. A good wedding planner combines creative vision with exceptional organizational skills and is dedicated to ensuring every single aspect of the event runs smoothly.

Why Not Do It Yourself?

Some couples initially start to plan their own weddings. The groom is interested in your special day, but not to the exclusion of all other topics and inevitably the bride is the one more involved in all the minutiae. If she becomes bogged down in the details and becomes a “bridal bore” on the subject, it could be the time to let the professionals take over. The transition to a wedding planning service will reduce the pressure on the relationship and allow the couple to take the time to enjoy one another. It can also reduce family conflicts when everyone wants to add their ten cents to the plans for the ceremony.

Stick To Your Budget

A key feature is sticking to a budget. While a couple may initially balk at the extra expense of a wedding planner, in reality it can be a move that actually saves money. Professional planners have the experience to guide a couple through the maze of making the most of their budget and allocating resources effectively between services. Professional wedding planners will have excellent connections and great relationships with vendors which may allow them to negotiate special deals or discounts. They will have the experience to know which unnecessary expenses to avoid, they will know which vendors are within a couple’s price range and they will keep the finances on track to prevent overspending. They will take on the responsibility of ensuring the vendors are paid to ensure there are no loose ends after the wedding day.

Wedding Vendors

Time is money and an incredible amount of time can be spent researching different vendors and arranging consultations. A wedding planner will do the necessary leg work, arrange the meetings and be in charge of future dealings with the other professionals involved, from the venue to the florist, and from the photographer to the limousine service.

A wedding planner will take care of the details with the provider of the wedding cake and organize the timeline for the photographer and the DJ. With the worry of the never-ending details out of her hands, the bride will have more time to focus on the fun aspects of the wedding. That includes choosing her wedding gown, the bridesmaid dresses and her honeymoon wardrobe.

A wedding planner will listen to the ideas and wishes of the bride. She can offer their creative flair to turn that vision into reality; whether it is helping the bride pick out a gorgeous wedding dress, arranging a floral backdrop or ensuring perfect place settings. The suggestions and advice they offer can be invaluable, while the final decision remains with the couple. The expert eye of an experienced wedding planner can bring a color scheme together to create the wow factor.

Reference: Photos of Wedding dresses by Sophia Tolli
Additionally, they will be present on the day to ensure the smooth running of every aspect of the actual ceremony.  The planners keep to the timeline and make sure everyone in the wedding party is in the right place at the right time. Bridal stress is eliminated when the bride is confident that the planner will act as a trouble shooter, should any problems occur. The bride is able to relax and bask in the enjoyment of the day without the need to look over her shoulder to check on the fine details.

Every bride deserves the wedding of her dreams. One of the most effective ways to reduce the stress and enjoy a worry free day is to put the planning into the capable hands of a reputable and empathetic wedding planner.